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99.9% of everything I make are manips or AU's because "I reject your reality and substitute my own."

Here is a question that I am unsure how to answer: When you make a person your h o m e, where do you go when they are gone? What shelters you from the wind and rain? Where do you go at the end of the day when you’re exhausted and on the edge of tears? (x)

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TWD x THG; Instead of Gale, Daryl is the one who taught Katniss how to hunt and was her substitute father figure.

"Fire is catching and if we burn, they’ll burn with us."

That’s what Daryl had said the last time I saw him. I took his words and threw it back to the Capitol. But now with the flames blazing on either side of me, I think he forgot to mention how fucking much it hurts to burn whether you’re the one to start the fire or not.

So what do I do now, Daryl? What do I do after I’ve started the fire?

"Blood orange. He’s so pretentious."

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mockingjay ;a creature the Capitol never intended to exist

mockingjay ;a creature the Capitol never intended to exist

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The Hunger Games : Catching Fire, November 2013

The full impact of what I’ve done hits me. It was not intentional - I only meant to express my thanks - but I have elicited something dangerous. An act of dissent from the people of District 11.

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“i’m not like the rest of you. there’s no one left i love.”

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Poor tragic us.

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