Goes by Leah. CA. 24
99.9% of everything I make are manips or AU's because "I reject your reality and substitute my own."

SAVING KATHERINE | Elijah’s new consult turns out to be none other than Klaus’s old protégé, Marcel.

"Well you most certainly have been happy to have been upgraded from being Klaus’s favorite pet.”

"Ah, Elijah. Must we start with such fighting words when we haven’t seen one another in so long?"

"You know between you and a certain Petrova doppelganger… if I had known that Canada was such a popular vampire hot spot, I would’ve gone to New Zealand."

"A joke! How quaint, you’ve developed a sense of humor in the past century or so."

"Let’s cut to the chase, Marcel. I never liked you back when you were nipping at Klaus’s heels, begging for treats, and I don’t much care for you now. So unless you have something to say to me, I suggest you go back to attending to your fake throne. I have a patient to take care of."

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