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TVD Season 4 PREMIERE!!!!

  • Elena never wakes up to a good morning does she?
  • It may just be me… but I found it annoying that Jeremy is so gung ho for Bonnie to sacrifice herself (AGAIN!) to turn Elena back into human because he needs his sister and not “one of them.” He was in LOVE with one of them! *cough* Anna *cough* and at one point even wanted to be one of them!
  • I must say, bravo to Michael Trevino for a pretty darn good klaus. Especially when he grabbed Bonnie’s throat and said that she forgets he could rip her tongue out.
  • Also interesting that tyler was in on it about the whole body switch thing… which kinda contradicts the whole “let’s run away together caroline!” plan he had initially.
  • Awww Caroline. She doesn’t know where to go!
  • Shit got real. Carol Lockwood is getting arrested!!!
  • Wait… how did the new council ppl get into the salvatore house to take their vervain?
  • Why must Caroline always get kidnapped?!!!
  • Aww stefan is domestic enough to make a sandwich.
  • Hey vamp!elena is kinda more fun. She’s making bridge jokes and laughing uncontrollably. It’s like she’s high or something. Ok nvm… here comes the waterworks.
  • Hmmm I like the way they are presenting the memories.
  • Awww rebekah!!! =’(
  • NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Wait did Damon set Rebekah up to get skewered?! Or was that a council happy coincidence?
  • LOL! “arg you incessant woman!” OMG I love tyler!klaus!!!!!
  • TEAM BARBIE! Granted they are kinda tied up together
  • Klaus saving his women!
  • "I’m harder to kill than you think" ahaha I see what you did there klaus
  • Wait… if Klaus wants to keep them busy… shouldn’t he just free rebekah so she can like… distract them?
  • Damon beating up on Matt… yeah.. that’s really gallant of you. Ugh. Damon is annoying me a lot this episode. Remember when he used to be my favorite? Yeah…
  • Lol did you just call me “love”?
  • Ok that slap was kinda hot… I dunno. Not advocating violence/abuse here… but I like rough klaroline k? 
  • "hot hybrid sex" ;-)
  • The scene was like super quick, but I thought it was pretty good. Though the whole tyler!klaus body swap thing was really speedily resolved. =T A whole lot faster than I thought.
  • A new source of power… is this another jump the shark moment?
  • They’re not gonna do the Elena is an angel thing are they? Cuz the whole moral high ground thing is gonna get infinitely more annoying if she is an angel. I’d rather see vampire elena and see her go a little dark.
  • GRAMS!!!!!!!
  • The spirits will make bonnie suffer… hm… a little too late for that.
  • Oh hi there michael trevino’s chest. We meet again.
  • Wait… if klaus has more witches… (tens of them apparently), why doesn’t he just have the entire clan get him his body back instead of threatening bonnie?
  • Rebekah is having stelena feels it seems.
  • UM WOW DAMON. WOW. Did you just do that? Why? Whyyyyyy?
  • Surprised that the councils don’t think Matt is a vampire sympathizer given the company he keeps
  • Awww, poor grams! It’s always grams! =(
  • it would be funny if elen got her head stuck between the bars.
  • Ugh damon is being very spiteful
  • Hey!!! vamp!elena. Kicking damon’s ass. I think I like her more already
  • LOL @ Rebekah destroying Klaus’s blood
  • Ugh come on klaus. WOW! Rebekah SO did not deserve that. Is it just me or the guys this episode are being particularly dickish?
  • Ugh why? Srsly. That was heartbreaking, poor Rebekah. =( Why, klaus, why? I really honestly can’t believe he values his hybrids more than rebekah. Ugh. Starting to think I like Tyler!Klaus more than regular klaus and that is startling. Tyler!Klaus was fun and quirky. =T Kinda wishing that storyline lasted longer. I was really excited about it last season.
  • And then boom goes the council. So much for that new beginning.
  • Ahhhh~ I dunno. I mean I knew not to expect too much and there were quite a few enjoyable moments, but man! Some of the characters kinda really annoyed this episode and it wasn’t even ELENA! I actually liked Elena this episode and I’m not usually her biggest fan. I dunno, welcome to the new season I suppose.
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